What is WOOD & METAL Therapy

This treatment that utilizes wooden or metal tools to gently massage and manipulate the body. Wood tools are often made from various types of hardwood, while metal tools are made from stainless steel. These tools are used to apply pressure, scraping, and rolling motions on the skin, promoting lymphatic drainage, increasing blood circulation, and releasing tension. This therapy is believed to help contour the body, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improve overall skin tone and texture.

How does our
WOOD & METAL Therapy

Wood and Metal therapy instruments intensify the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite, so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins thru the lymphatic system. We offer two wood therapy techniques: Lipo Reductive and Anti Cellulite. Lipo Reductive technique treats abdomen, waist, thighs, arms and torso.

Key benefits of our
WOOD & METAL Therapy

  • These are only a few of the benefits of Wood & Metal Therapy:

  • Breaking down fat and cellulite (pockets of fat just below the skin)
  • Reshaping the body
  • Promoting body cleansing
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage and elimination of adipose tissue (fat)
  • Improving skin tone and elasticity
  • Relieving stress and promoting relaxation
  • Loosening tight muscles
  • Firming thighs and butt
  • Stimulating blood circulation